hydroelectric plant



Energy from the power of the water

For centuries, people have been using hydropower as a source of energy. Hydroelectric power plants can be installed only in sites where the flow velocity of water is high enough to power turbines. Automation and modernization of storage power stations and pumped storage hydro power stations set highest standards for process control with regard to availability, monitoring and operation. Here, using the latest generation of process control systems is indispensable for controlling the turbines and hydropower.


A complex process for obtaining purest water

Water treatment is an essential process step in the production of drinking water. The treatment and preparation of water consists not only of one single process, but requires very often several procedural steps for the preparation of purest water. With our automation solutions we help plant manufacturers finding solutions when it is about treatment facilities for the production of drinking water using reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.



Aerial view of a wastewater treatment plantWASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS

Waste water treatment as an approach to protect the environment

The methods of wastewater treatment and the various plant types range from activated sludge plants to membrane bioreactor plants. Optimum wastewater purification can only be reached using modern wastewater treatment processes while in the background fully automated neutralization systems are cleaning the water in accordance with the strict statutory conditions. Wastewater treatment plants must be ready for operation around the clock because wastewater flows continuously without interruption. This is also the reason why each control-oriented solution must be clearly structured in a way that it can be operated by the existing staff. We modernize and automate your wastewater treatment plants with regard to process stability, energy consumption and observance of discharge values.

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