Shipping department in a large printing


Logistics software for automatic order picking

Storage and retrieval, order picking and shipment are the core processes of the material flow process. The reduction of throughput times and an optimum materials flow structure in the production set standards in the use of different technologies.

We will advise you and work out together with you a solution and analyse the existing processes and systems. We plan the degree of automation of the warehousing processes. Subsequently, we offer complete documentation and control of transport and warehouse processes as well as the rationalization of the operative processes in the warehouse.

Our employees support and assist you throughout the entire period being constantly available and providing fast response.

Electrical mill machinery for the production of wheat flour


One step ahead through flexibility and innovation

We have been specializing in the process optimization for mill and shredding technology. Our enterprise is a competent partner for working out high-quality and innovative automation concepts for machine and production systems of this type. Our engineers will support and assist you in your procedural tasks, providing detailed solutions and new, simple ideas which will constantly enhance the productivity and quality of your machines. We understand our primary tasks in finding a solution for the particular requirements. We will be happy to discuss with you which automation concept suits best to your requirements.


industrial furnace



Ignition and auxiliary burners

Is your system safe to operate?

The selection of an appropriate system is the main characteristic for the pre-treatment of thermal processes. The burners differ in three aspects:

  • Output
  • Heat
  • Geometric requirements (cross-section of the flame)

UV flexo printing press


Innovation and quality

We offer our customers in the paper and printing industry as well as in the wood and packaging industry a wide variety of automation solutions using most up-to-date technology. Long-term customer and business relationships are the best and clear proof for the quality of the work provided. By cooperating professionally with our customers we gather the innovative strength for opening up new markets. In the printing industry, we make use of our entire range of services. Our pace of innovation is high. Our experience in automation and control engineering offers to manufacturers of paper and a printing machinery decisive advantages and continuous process innovation in the modernization and development of new products.

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