Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry


Hardly any other branch of industry is as innovative and research-intensive as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Plants and systems used in the chemical and petrochemical industry are to a great extent subject to the requirements of the German Hazardous Incident Regulation (Störfall-Verordnung) with its associated requirements on annual recurrent testing of the protection devices. The statutory requirements insist on automation solutions placing special emphasis on safety, availability, efficiency and flexibility.

As system integrator, the SPS & CAD Group possesses extensive experiences in the automation of systems in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. For more than 20 years, we have been demonstrating our expertise and know-how in successful projects in the field of manufacture and sales as well as planning, engineering, assembly and service of chemical facilities, chemical supply systems, dosing systems, wet benches, storage tanks, cleanroom equipment, containers, wastewater treatment plants and exhaust-air systems.

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