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CAD designer - the profession

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. This software is also known as CAD/CAM, where CAM stands for Computer-Aided Manufacturing. CAD design uses CAD software to create engineering drawings and implements design drawings and multi-dimensional models of objects on the computer. The CAD designer can assign digital objects in different materials and rotate the objects in three dimensions. CAD design is both the design in geometry and product development and the simulation of properties and behavior of the developed product.

CAD designers are needed in a wide variety of areas of mechanical and plant engineering. The paths into the profession of design engineer can be different. There was no specific previous education as a prerequisite for this training. Therefore, a new training regulation made sense. In the new training regulations of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the training contents were adapted to the current requirements in practical work. The former occupation of technical draftsman had become obsolete and was replaced by two new training occupations:

Technical system planner

Technical system planners create drawings and plans according to specifications, design computer-aided individual parts and assemblies and perform calculations. They also prepare the associated technical documentation.

Technical product designer

Technical product designers specializing in product design and construction design and construct components, assemblies or products according to customer requirements. If necessary, they use existing models and solutions, optimize them and adapt them to new requirements. They primarily use CAD systems to create 3D data models. They prepare their designs for various purposes, e.g. by means of sectional views and detailed elaborations. They select materials, standard parts and manufacturing and assembly techniques, taking into account cost aspects as well as technical and design requirements. They also prepare technical documentation.

Prerequisite for continuing education: