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Industrial Assembly

Global industrial assembly – top quality for your projects around the world
SPS & CAD AUTOMATION P.O.G. GmbH stands for top-notch automation technology, customized engineering solutions, and comprehensive industrial services. Our specialization in electrical design and over 20 years of industry experience make us the ideal partner for your project. With more than 700 successfully managed projects worldwide, we demonstrate our competence and reliability to our customers daily.

A strong team

Industrial assembly with full focus

Our strength lies in precise electronic industrial assembly and efficient plant automation. For over two decades, we have been offering customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. This clear focus area ensures high-quality results and optimal integration into your existing production processes.

We support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your plants. From planning to commissioning and maintenance, we offer all necessary services from a single source. Our experts thoroughly analyze your requirements and develop individual concepts that increase your productivity and minimize downtime.

SPS & CAD AUTOMATION P.O.G. GmbH’s experience spans various industries, including energy, process industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food industry, and automotive industry. In all these sectors, our automated solutions in the field of industrial assembly improve production processes and ensure the highest quality standards for our customers.

We implement your project in germany and around the globe

Our commitment extends far beyond German borders – we are globally at your service. Regardless of where your projects are located, our experts are ready with extensive expertise and comprehensive experience in industrial assembly both in Germany and worldwide.

We are proud to have a team skilled in technical implementation and proficient in English. This combination enables us to communicate seamlessly with international partners and clients and effectively implement your requirements.
Industrial Assembly around the globe

Expertise from over 700 projects

Our extensive experience in industrial assembly is based on the successful execution of over 700 projects in the field of electronic industrial assembly on both national and international levels. This diversity has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of our customers’ specific challenges in various industries. This profound knowledge continuously informs our industrial assembly service, guaranteeing you tailored solutions and top-notch results.

AC & C Company GmbH & Co. KG

CEO Amel Cviko
Schäfflerstr. 10 • 85232 Bergkirchen
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Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH

CEO Volker Eichenlaub Kronprinzenstraße 30 • 45128 Essen
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CEO Denis Darmstädter Hospitalstraße 21 • 68623 Lampertheim
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Our service around industrial assembly

For quick solutions in critical situations, a 24/7 emergency service is available via our hotline. This ensures we are always there for you to efficiently resolve unforeseen problems.

Through flexible temporary staffing, we can also provide solutions to avoid personnel shortages at any time. You can quickly access additional skilled workers to overcome capacity bottlenecks in your team.

Quick readiness and dynamism are essential in an ever-changing industrial assembly landscape. Our industrial assembly service includes the immediate provision of up to 4 teams of 4-6 people each, to implement your projects efficiently and on schedule. This flexibility allows us to respond adaptively to short-term requirements and successfully manage your projects.

Of course, we also provide the necessary industrial assembly tools and equipment to ensure your projects run smoothly and efficiently. We guarantee all necessary resources in our industrial assembly service to achieve optimal results and exceed your expectations.

These projects we manage

Unlike many competitors, we consciously refrain from minimum requirements for all our industrial assembly projects. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we optimally deploy our resources and expertise in the industrial assembly service. This allows us to be creative even with demanding tasks and to develop innovative solutions together.

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The advantages of a collaborative partnership for your industrial assembly projects are numerous. Receive customized solutions that optimize your production processes under the highest quality standards. Schedule a consultation today to benefit from extensive experience and profound expertise.
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