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Automation technology for renewable energies

Maximum ease of operation and maximum energy and cost efficiency

Systems with maximum ease of operation and maximum efficiency

Our in-depth knowledge of the processes has been incorporated into the development of the solution, which uses state-of-the-art control technology to focus on the operation of plants at the automation level with maximum ease of use, maximum energy and cost efficiency, quality and reliability at industry level for the generation and distribution of renewable energy.

Plant types

Biomass and wood logistics

Biomass and wood logistics processes are very complex - many sensors and actors, individual systems, numerous control loops and various communication interfaces. Our automation solutions in the field of biomass and wood logistics are used for all specific processes and auxiliary systems.


Automation and modernization of storage power plants and pumped storage power plants set the highest standards for control technology in terms of availability, monitoring and operation. Here, the use of modern control technology is indispensable for the control of turbines and hydropower.

Wastewater treatment

The wastewater treatment processes and the different types of plants range from activated sludge plants to membrane bioreactors. Wastewater treatment plants must be operational around the clock, because the wastewater flows continuously. For this reason, any control engineering solution must be clearly structured so that it can be operated by existing personnel. We modernize and automate your wastewater treatment plants with regard to process stability, energy consumption and compliance with effluent values.

Water treatment

Water treatment is an essential process step in the production of drinking water. The treatment of water does not only consist of a single process, but very often several process steps are necessary to obtain purest water. We help plant manufacturers with our automation solutions when it comes to treatment plants for the production of drinking water by reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.

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