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PLC programmers

A profession with future

Job advertisements for PLC programmers

We invite you as a PLC programmer to apply to our project team in the field of plant automation.

What is PLC programming?

The abbreviation PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. Today, programmable logic controllers are the core of every automation system. For programmable logic controllers there is the only valid standard for programming languages worldwide, the EN 61131, which is based on the international standard IEC 6113. In the EN 61131-1 (IEC 61131-1). The classic PLC has a processor architecture and has input and output modules, a CPU and an interface through which the user program is loaded. The user program controls the input data of a process via PLC outputs. A PLC is used wherever processes have to be automated. The user program is used to implement specific functions such as logic control, sequence control, time, counting and arithmetic functions to control and regulate machines and processes.

PLC programmer - The profession

The job title of PLC Programmer is derived from the programmable logic controllers. The task of the PLC programmer is to control, regulate and monitor production processes. As a rule, PLC programming is used in all branches of industry. This can be, for example, jobs in mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical industry, water and gas power plants, logistics, the semiconductor industry, the chemical industry and renewable energies. Those who want to pursue a job as a PLC programmer should have technical understanding and analytical thinking.
An experienced PLC programmer can also work as a freelancer.Ein erfahrene SPS Programmierer kann auch als Freelancer arbeiten.

Training as PLC programmer

Anyone can learn PLC programming. Anyone who wants to become a PLC programmer must complete three to six months of further training in the field of programmable logic control after completing a technical apprenticeship.

Which PLC manufacturers are there?

In the production of programmable logic controllers, Siemens has the largest market share. In addition, there are other companies that specialize in the production or programming of PLCs. These include, for example, Allenbradly, Beckhoff, Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric, Honeywell.

Tasks and activity
of the PLC programmer

The core competences of the PLC programmer consist in the conception of regulation and control programs, which are used for plants as well as for individual machines. The PLC programmer develops the PLC program on the basis of specifications and, in addition, optimizes the processes. Fault diagnosis, analysis and visualization of processes are also part of the tasks, PLC programmer must also be able to perform technical documentation of the implemented control software. PLC programmer can also be used in sales for the consultation and support of customers.

What is the salary of a PLC programmer?

A PLC programmer usually starts at around 40,000 euros per year, with remuneration increasing to up to 70,000 euros per year depending on skills, professional experience and additional qualifications.

PLC Programmer Jobs at SPS & CAD AUTOMATION

We invite you as a PLC programmer to apply to our project team in the field of plant automation.

Your field of activity

We are looking for you for at least one year in a permanent position as active support of our project team in the area of plant automation. In this context, you will program databases and programmable logic controllers (S7 & TIA Portal). In addition, your active cooperation in the area of process visualization (WinCC) is required. Subsequently, you will carry out the electrical commissioning, optimization and performance tests of the plants at our customers with different operating durations.

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Your benefits

In addition to a challenging field of activity, we offer an above-average income, flat hierarchies and good development opportunities through permanent employment.